Thursday, 30 December 2010

Derby Park - famous

With all the news raging about Derby park, our friends at Sidewalk mag have popped it in the news section. Since this was sent to print Derby park has been agreed so we are super stoked for all the help and support of all you lot.

Thanks again friends

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Mini Mayhem 3: part 1 footage

It's the end of the another epic year, and this one's ended with a bang. We have a skatepark coming in 2011, loads of sessions, comps and lurkings.
To celebrate the end of the year, we held a session at our friend Mark's magical Mini... he recently rebuilt it to be bigger. Here's a link to the photographic coverage.

Here's the footage of what happened, featuring new Hooked recruit Ryan Kearney, as well as Hooked friends and family and Unabomber's Craig Smedley.

The stuff in this edit will blow your mind.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Road tripping to the Antarctic and back

As it was bone dry around here in Derby, we decided to go somewhere a little more exotic - but with somewhere to hide if it did start to rain.

Milton Keynes was the order of the day...

Until we got there and it was like a frozen wasteland.

Crazy snow as soon as we got off the M1

Driving into the wilderness

Cruel cold weather laughs at us

Sat Nav keeps the faith

Good job MK is under shelter so it will be fine...

Or maybe not

Somehow the crazy snow got under the shelter

And the bits there are just outside the shelter got rinsed

Manny pad is off limits

But our manny pad is ON - Kearney nose manny

Bus timetabel at the Buszy

We bagged some clips, and some injuries

It was too cold to stick around this deserted affair

Josh dropped an epic dance

Was was still good enough to grind, we filmed

Then got out of there, heading back North to the drier areas

Fleckney is Leicester way, so surely would have no snow...

Or maybe not, it was unskatable

Good park though, head back when it's warmer

So then we headed to the Boardroom in Leicester

Josh ollies barrier

Kearney booms over the barrier into the bank

Casino chops

Discussing the plans - we managed to bag some footage here too

Boardslide fakie

We noshed some snap and busted out of there, with a bag of clips. A lot of driving, but worth it... come on Summer this Winter is actually too cold!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Planning granted

Crack open that champagne, planning permission for the Derby Skatepark has been granted! We're so psyched, 3 years of work has finally come to fruition, and we can wait to get all the build shots on here as it happens.

By Summer we'll be riding it feeling the warm sun on our faces... just got to get through this winter! Stoked with the design too, thanks to Freestyle.

You can visit the Council's official report of the meeting here (it's item number 4) and the outcome will also be posted on the Council's website here too.

Thanks for supporting, filling forms, posting on FB and just being part of it. Thanks to you rad dudes Derby is getting a wicked park.


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Decision time

It's decision day tomorrow (16th December) for the Council and the teams who will give us planning permission for the Derby Skatepark. We hope we get it, the figures don't lie.

There's a little article on it here on the Derby Evening Telegraph website, check it out.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Laser decks

Check out these amazing laser etched decks by Jam Factory designer / director Gavin Strange. Each Illustration represents a different member of the Realmac team.

Oddball illustrations are lovely

Hmm, maybe the new Hooked team decks? I can just imagine Kearney's face on here...

Keep your eyes peeled!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

6 Tricks on the Sabbath: Christmas special - Snow dodging & carpark lurking

Jingle bells...
It's Christmas, so here's our 6 Tricks on the Sabbath Christmas Special... filmed dodging the snow in a dirty carpark...

Now watch the video featuring Hooked dudes Dave Ford, Ryan Kearney and Callum Moore.

Mini Mayhem: Mark's epic shed

So we were cutting some shapes in Marks's epic shed miniramp yesterday. Hooked + friends had a right old time. Boards, beers and bangers were the order of the day.

The moni has been redone. It's now bigger and better, and is making an army of rippers in Derby. If anyone wants a miniramp building, Mark Rowe is your man. This place is sweet.

Doorway to heaven

Set the scene

Rad Dad, Toby, Mark, Josh and Jacob are on the platform

Bouncer "No one leaves until some hammers are filmed"

Frontline Gabs, Ryan Leech, George, Mark and new Hooked rep Kearney

Gabs ollie

Watching the fireworks... that's got to be Kearney on the dancefloor

George back disaster

Bettinson feebs

Kearney 5-0 the extension

Mr Batchelor was shredding before bring the camera out

Josh Price smithing it

Kearney knows this ramp well... airwalk

Toby brings his halo

Kearney air

Back to basics for fordy

Kearney frames Toby's shot of Bettinson

George steeze

Josh Price is just cool in't he

Kearney's tasted blood, look at his eyes

Loving the blinds

The creator himself, Mark Rowe - blunts galore

Jacob matches blunt to blunt

It's alright in here in't it

Kearney overcrooks

Mark's got skills, wait to see the footage

Kearney pivot fakie


Ollie to tailstall for Jacob

Smedders rocked up with a Craig Smedleynosegrind

Halfcab heel nosestalls


Becca filmed and shot pictures

Toby sniggered at his pictures

Smedders boosted air on demand

Boom (with flash)

The quality of the ramp is lovely

Smed air

Becca used the scorpion + baby death lens for crip footage gathering... wait for the edit


It literally turned into the Ryan Kearney & Craig Smedley show

Crip pivot pic

Kickflip front crooks


Blunt 180s

Skid around

Merry Christmas

And that was an epic session. Thanks to all you guys who came and lurked, thanks to Mark for letting us all invade his special shed.

Edit will be up by next Monday... a lot of amazing tricks to clip out.
Play safe lurkers