Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Road tripping to the Antarctic and back

As it was bone dry around here in Derby, we decided to go somewhere a little more exotic - but with somewhere to hide if it did start to rain.

Milton Keynes was the order of the day...

Until we got there and it was like a frozen wasteland.

Crazy snow as soon as we got off the M1

Driving into the wilderness

Cruel cold weather laughs at us

Sat Nav keeps the faith

Good job MK is under shelter so it will be fine...

Or maybe not

Somehow the crazy snow got under the shelter

And the bits there are just outside the shelter got rinsed

Manny pad is off limits

But our manny pad is ON - Kearney nose manny

Bus timetabel at the Buszy

We bagged some clips, and some injuries

It was too cold to stick around this deserted affair

Josh dropped an epic dance

Was was still good enough to grind, we filmed

Then got out of there, heading back North to the drier areas

Fleckney is Leicester way, so surely would have no snow...

Or maybe not, it was unskatable

Good park though, head back when it's warmer

So then we headed to the Boardroom in Leicester

Josh ollies barrier

Kearney booms over the barrier into the bank

Casino chops

Discussing the plans - we managed to bag some footage here too

Boardslide fakie

We noshed some snap and busted out of there, with a bag of clips. A lot of driving, but worth it... come on Summer this Winter is actually too cold!

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