Monday, 6 December 2010

Desperate times call for desperate measures

We're all getting bored of the snow by now right? Luckily a few bright days this week and we'll be back skating outside again by the weekend.

We were getting some cabin fever and need to get some stuff done, so we used one our last resort spots to have a session to get us through.

Like Pampers nappies... wet, but dry (apparently)

Well the red strip's not too bad...

Nice, we actually found a sticker

It'll do... getting tricks is about 10 times harder through

New but old shoes for Callum

Kearney is ready to destroy things

I'll do this, you do that

Front blunts for Callum

Chilling after filming - Becca rests the legs and Kearney swigs the rum

Ancient relic icon stickers

Lurkfest, in good spirits

Callum didn't want the shoes so they went over the edge

And these are the replacements with Bob Marley laces

Couple of posers


Wrap it up, we got what we need... Dry up Derby!

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