Monday, 27 June 2011

B-Sides: Heath Kirchart

Better late than never.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Nottingham innit

Hooked family & friends on a lurk to Nottingham. Sam Mlot, Ryan Kearney, Callum Moore, Chevy Thompson, Jacob Bettinson and me explored some street hustle, checked some wild spots and ran out of some restricted areas. All in the name of footage. Have a look.

Session the stairs, Callum nollies

Jacob warmed up on the 4 with fs flips, then onto the big uns

Sequence shot by the Mlot

Moore manuals

Some wild mannys were nailed

Callum nosemanny 180

Then we saw sights, walked up and down stairs, went on a roof, ran down stairs, got kicked off a few times + a came home with a bag of footage for the video...

Monday, 20 June 2011

Heathen's Nick Roberts at Derby park

This is amazing. Watch this and go and skate the park!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Getting Leicester... footage mission

So we zipped over Leicester for some different street footage for the Hooked video. Full team mission with me, Callum, Kearney & Josh. Have a look. Cheers to Get lesta for the spot info.

Get yo crap together son

Straight jacket wouldn't come off

Kearney got thoughtful at The Quays

Callum fakie tre the big two

Nice legs, womens or mens?

Cap in yo ass from Josh Nicholson

Tré in yo ass from Josh Nicholson

Don't know what's happening here

Or here

Then we went over the road to the Poly banks, Callum did some scnizz into em

Then we got friendly and moved on... smashed some xxx city spots and zipped home...

Can't wait until the video drops to showcase the footage!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Derby Skatepark: Announcement

On Thursday the 16th of June and possibly Friday 17th of June the skatepark will be having grass seeds planted all around it.

This means it's unridable during working hours (9 - 5) as there will be contractors doing all the seeding. It's ridable in the evenings though.

During that time, try and stay off the soil areas for a bit as we want grass to grow around the park.


Hooked up

Enuff welcomes Jacob Bettinson!

Great news for all round nice guy Jacob Bettinson. Most of this sick edit was filmed at Derby Skatepark too, which is double epic. Congratulations!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

It's coming


We're filming and working hard to make sure this is an awesome video. If your name isn't on the poster and you have a trick for it, let us know. We'll also be filming at the fresh concrete of Derby Skatepark for a section of just that. If you're down there, you could get a banger on the video.

If you've not seen the trailer yet, watch it

Saturday, 11 June 2011

GET LESTA - Chilling in Derby this week

Check this out, a little edit from the Get Lesta crew from their visit to Derby Skatepark.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Streetparks (before Derby Skatepark)

Nothing beats a good homemade spot. Well, a nice crisp brand new skatepark does... but let's not forget the magical art of skating street.

Bish bash bosh, a few crates and a giant rail and we were in business

Kearney did some smiths

The ground was rough... east coast yo

We blazed some feebles

The full length of the grind snake

Kearney went berzerk and we filmed some very nice stuff for his part in the Hooked video, which drops in October.

Skate Derby Skatepark, but don't forget the amazing street!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pure & Simple Park & Street

Callum Moore fakie tré flip over the rooftop in the hot Saturday sun.

We headed to the park for a session and got some footage for the Derby Skatepark section of the Hooked video. The hit some street for the rest of the video footage...

Josh Nicholson tre flip the rooftop

Chevy going for the hardflip

Callum smashed it

Ryan Kirk's wild grip

The we ventured over towards Nottingham to meet Jacob Bettinson, Josh Price and some other lurkers

We filmed in an awesome spot for lines

Josh crooks, Dave films

Josh varial heel

Bend it like Bettinson: Fragrance ad shot

Fish eye catches all

Josh Price's flips are lovely


Jacob is king of the jungle

We filmed some stuff, Callum snapped his deck, someone called the police, it rained... so we left. Unfinished business, we need a few tricks that the rain stopped!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The day we've all been waiting for...

Today the skatepark is complete, and the barriers are down! And it's amazing. It's very different from a lot of other parks, with some distinguishing features such as the earthquake gap, rooftop / shed shape hip and grindbox and humongous bowl. And it's got a polejam.

After 4 years of campaigning, consulting, planning and designing, the skatepark is finally finished on Bass Recreation Ground, Derby.

As soon as the barriers were removed the park had over 50 skaters and BMXers on it... and some rollerbladers. There are still a few bits to be finished, like a pathway and a little more landscaping, but this should all be done over the next few weeks ready for the Official Opening event in July. (Date TBC)

Meet Derby Skatepark

The bowl - 5.5ft with 6.5ft extension

The hubba - one side of the driveway, with rooftop and hip in background

The rail - the other side of the driveway (Bruce attached)

The rooftop (or shed)

The shed being used (Brett Nollie backside heel)

The driveway with the bank and earthquake gap

The full driveway

One of the quarters

The curb block

The polejam

Plain (but long and smooth) grind box block

The other quarter (Hooked ripper Kearney bs disasters it)

The bowl from the top

The action was hard and fast with everyone being down there...




Craig Smedley getting busy

Kearney blunts the bowl

Noseslide the hubba from DF

A view from the road

A montage of the whole park (click to enlarge and appreciate)

Get down there asap to thrash it out, you can find it easily highlighted on the map below.


The Westfield car park is directly opposite, and only £1.70 all night after 6pm.
There isn't any 'official' parking on Basses Rec...

Sat Nav:
The skatepark doesn't have a postcode so use this for Westfield parking, it's the most reliable:

Thank you for all your support throughout this project, everyone is really happy with the park so far. We'll be documenting all of the general goings on at the park on the Hooked website and blog too - check them out here.