Sunday, 19 June 2011

Getting Leicester... footage mission

So we zipped over Leicester for some different street footage for the Hooked video. Full team mission with me, Callum, Kearney & Josh. Have a look. Cheers to Get lesta for the spot info.

Get yo crap together son

Straight jacket wouldn't come off

Kearney got thoughtful at The Quays

Callum fakie tre the big two

Nice legs, womens or mens?

Cap in yo ass from Josh Nicholson

Tré in yo ass from Josh Nicholson

Don't know what's happening here

Or here

Then we went over the road to the Poly banks, Callum did some scnizz into em

Then we got friendly and moved on... smashed some xxx city spots and zipped home...

Can't wait until the video drops to showcase the footage!

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