Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pure & Simple Park & Street

Callum Moore fakie tré flip over the rooftop in the hot Saturday sun.

We headed to the park for a session and got some footage for the Derby Skatepark section of the Hooked video. The hit some street for the rest of the video footage...

Josh Nicholson tre flip the rooftop

Chevy going for the hardflip

Callum smashed it

Ryan Kirk's wild grip

The we ventured over towards Nottingham to meet Jacob Bettinson, Josh Price and some other lurkers

We filmed in an awesome spot for lines

Josh crooks, Dave films

Josh varial heel

Bend it like Bettinson: Fragrance ad shot

Fish eye catches all

Josh Price's flips are lovely


Jacob is king of the jungle

We filmed some stuff, Callum snapped his deck, someone called the police, it rained... so we left. Unfinished business, we need a few tricks that the rain stopped!

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