Saturday, 28 February 2009

Miles and Dave offcuts and scraps

Some snippets of recent action

Miles bs 180 over barrier at secret warehouse
bs flip out of a kicker
Dave crook bigspin out
Halfcab heel the Burton hip

Check the live action below

Featured trick tip: Frontside flip

18o flips are awesome. And these are one of the most basic, but still look one of the best. Look at Reynolds for example - that's how to make a frontside flip look good. We explain below how to make em, then you gotta learn to make them look crisp!

For this trick you should be comfortable with kickflips and  frontside 180s. Roll fairly slowly at first, with your feet in a kickflip set up position - but place your back foot more over the heel edge of your tail. This will help with the rotation.

Crouch down to pop. You will need to get a fairly good pop on this to allow the board to flip. As this is a 180 flip, coil the opposite way to the way you will be frontside flipping, to help the rotation of the 180. You need to use more power than a normal 180 as you don't have your front foot to push it round (as it will be flipping the board).

As you rise up and pop, uncoil your body. By the tme the tail of the board hits the ground your upper body should be facing forward - so it's already rotated 90 degrees before you've left the ground. This is an indication of the power needed at the start of the frontside flip.

As you flip the board, kick your front foot out as your turning so that your front foot sort of goes out and round. Your legs should open as you're forcing the flip to go around 180. The trick is to try and leave your front foot off longer than a standard kickflip, to allow it to flip 180 without you catching it to early and preventing this. If you do catch these early, it's unlikely you'll get the 180 rotation.

If you're leaving your front foot off longer to allow for the flip, chances are you will catch the flip with your back foot. The more rotation you can get before the catch, the closer you are  to your 180. At first you can catch and land 90, pivoting on the front wheels the remaining 90. If you have to use this method, try to get them properly of putting them down any sort of  stairs, gap or ramp.

As usual, aim for the truck bolts for less chance of snapping boards. Bend your knees and beware of the board shooting  out from under you as you land, it;s easy to put too much weight on your front (now at the back) foot after pushing it around 180. Once you've mastered these, go for the hardflip!

Check the video below - 2 angles to help figure the movement.

More trick tips here, with a whole host of new ones added soon.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Carpet Skate

Jay vs Bama

If you got a spare mo with a mate, feed up with the weather and stay indoors, or want to brighten up lunch time in the office...try this out.

"Hooked not to be held responsible for any damage to persons or internal furniture, fitting. decor, skateboards....etc"

Shit just do it!

Monday, 23 February 2009

War of the Roses 2009

Well another WOTR is over, with Ben Raemers getting skater of the day... both days.
Check the footage here.

Day 1: Leeds

Day 2: Blackpool

More coverage on sidewalk...

Sunday, 22 February 2009

6 Tricks on the Sabbath: Chris Gair on the block

Check it.

Next month Miles drops the 6... what spot? Who knows.

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Got our hands on the new AWS film. 20 english notes, well worth it. Sweet footage of a tonne of great skaters, beautifully and artfully edited as only Alien know how. 60 Page book included of lovely photography from the making, and bonus material includes B-Roll clips or almost everyone which are almost as good as the final edit.

See for yo'self

Pick it up from your local shop, and keep your eye on Alien Workshop

Monday, 16 February 2009

Events...War of the Roses

Don't forget the War starts soon...

LEEDS, The Works, 21st Feb/ BLACKPOOL, Ramp City, 22nd Feb

Keep your eyes peeled on the post and find out how dudes have done after the event.
May c u there!

This could come in handy for all you Barcelona types:
Malvado or Malvada
Spanish for "wicked"(male, female)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Slam City game of SKATE

So you've probably keeping an eye on Battle at the Berrics, and now you can see the British side of the coin as Slam are doing their own game.

The first game saw Vaughan Baker beating Olly Todd, and now there are many more games to catch up on... 

Spray..."Between the Lines"... Update- QUAD

Subism Auction Graffs for Cancer Fund

Going once, goin twice, SOLD to the...

The Quad is the venue for an auction organised by Subism. Saturday found the artists crankin out the work, Sunday's the day they rake in the cash for big Mac... good luck, we hope the bidding goes through the roof!

Adam Gray...bearin all

Sarah(Faunagraphic) and Dan

Lady Rinth

Intermission...Mars bar an a root beer please.

Were back,... shit spilt me drink...

Izzy White



Julie West

If your into this, then you will be into these:

méchant or méchante
Means "wicked" in French(male, female).

Saturday, 14 February 2009


New Vid coming out soon... what, where? 

Meet the Team

See the Pre....

Feel the Burn!

Friday, 13 February 2009


Smitten or Spittin you decide.

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.
Mark Twain

Casi Cielo...

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Spray..."Between the Lines" Enuff Boards

Mysterious Al Designs for Enuff Boards

London's  Mysterious Al has designed for numerous companies like Vans, Carhart, Eastpack and is now set to put his mark on the British company Enuff.

Alot of his work seems to be from the dark side, so if your into that look keep um peeled for the new boards out in early March.