Monday, 2 February 2009

"Get Your Bearings" - Jensen

A View with Nick Jensen of Blueprint Skateboards

Hooked: Ok here we go...

Hooked: So, how are things on Blueprint these days; you've just got back from your annual Mallorca trip, tell us a bit about that... Any trouble,

Yeah recently back, it was rad, I haven't been for like 4 years so it was a real treat. No trouble other than self inflicted pain.

Hooked: You've been on Blueprint for ages, is it strange to see new faces join the family and

long serving guys move on?

Its more strange to see the older guys still keeping the younger ones in shape, there is not much moving on for most of them!

Hooked: On that note, what is Scott Palmer doing these days?

Good point, I should know more, he is a dad and lives in Hull, he has a job I think he is self employed? I am sure he is still ripping!

Hooked: You went pro in 2004, has that changed your skating - do you find you're skating mostly under pressure during filming now, rather than just everyday practice for example?

Well once you have done a video or 2 having been pro, you start to relax because you generally feel deserving of professional status. I mean, I am always hard on myself, I don't think being am or pro would change that its just the way I skate.

Hooked: Now, you're pro on the Print, and you've been to Uni and got a Degree - proving to the young rippers out there that you can do both. You're known for your art, exhibitions and installations, how does that side of your career balance with your skating? Have you ever had to turn down a skate tour due to art commitments?

Yeah, I have had to turn down skate tours because of art related things. I just make a decision at the time, what is the most important thing, and then try and do that. Its all about finding grey areas.

Hooked: Have you been involved with any of your Blueprint deck graphics?


Hooked: So back to your skating - you said banks were your favourite thing to skate... what's the newest trick in your bag, is it something that works nicely on banks?

Did I?

Well I have been trying to skate stairs more, and new spots that look good in photos. I get stoked on thinking about the composition of a trick in photos. Recently its been basic tricks, like 50 50's, kick flips and noseslides.

Hooked: You've got some big name sponsors under your belt - Not only Blueprint, but Spitfire, Thunder, Four Star and Lakai to name a few. Is it difficult having US sponsors, or do you mainly deal with the UK distribution side of them more?

Its all American distributed stuff, it is difficult, because the skate industry is orientated by America, so sometimes I feel like I am missing out on more opportunities that I could fulfill in the states.

Hooked: We heard your favourite video part is Jerry Hsu in Enjoi, do you have an overall favourite skater? If so, what is it about them?

Anthony Papalardo because he thinks about skating in an interesting and original way, more than the average person.

Hooked: What's been the highlight of your skate career so far.. front cover of Doco (RIP), Lakai vid, designing Thunders etc?

I think just being asked to ride for American brands because of Blueprint videos. Its the videos that stoke me out the most, I am really lucky to be involved in them.

Hooked: Is there any advice you want to give to young rippers starting to get noticed?

Think about why you like skating and then do it that way. You can still be ambitious! You will be recognized for the right reasons if you are recognized.

Hooked: Here's your Thanks slot.

Thanks to my family, girlfriend, dog, blueprint, thunder, 4*, lakai spitfire, slam crew. pwbc and Domingues (come home)! Jack, Alex. And everyone else.

Hooked: It's been a treat, cheers Nick.

Check out Nick's artwork and sculptures here, and check his regular lurkings on

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