Thursday, 31 December 2009

Mini Mayhem: Footage released

The second Mini Mayhem wend down a storm - a Nottingham pub staff room mini was the location. Here's an edit of the live action featuring Hooked family and friends Craig Smedley, Dave Ford, Josh Read, Greg Ashall, Fraser Doughty, Wayne Juffs, Mark Roe, Jacob Bettinson and the rest of the crew.

See the original coverage on our blog here, or look down for the footage.

Dave testing the ramp

Rad Dad gets busy

Lurkers look on

Becca filmed

Thanks again to Pato and Dan for the great build, and all you lurkers that rocked up. Keep your eyes peeled here on our blog and on our website for the next events coming 2010. Epic.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Xscape in Castleford

While visiting the folks over Christmas, thought we'd pop in to the skatepark in Castleford.

Place: Xscape Castleford, Subvert shop

It used to be run by a snowboarding shop, it's now looked after by Subvert.

Check out their stock.

The park on a busy Sunday afternoon...

Sweet little six set

Very popular block

Even has seasonal snow while Sam enjoys the hip

Jason's got a beasty hardflip

Kid hypnotised by the massive hardflip

Dave attempts to 5-0 the slippiest hubba ever

Selection of boards to use, if you snap yours

Jordan, Little Jack and Josh keeping law and order

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Hooked in North America

Hooked skateboards are poppin up everywhere.

Here's one in the fair city of Vancouver.

Longdale Central Park -North Vany to be precise.

The Canadian boarder patrol. Let um have it dudes.

We've been Canucked!

Big thanks goes out to Aaron Morgan for these pics.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Crackers

Hey folks its that time again, the stockings hanging under the hearth, cats in the cradle and the silver moon(think thats how it goes)?

The time when you wonder if your list to Santa will be honored- crip new Death thrash board a set of Abec 40's and a Dv of Tony Hawks basic ramp tricks my fill the void in your overly large wish list.

How about a bottle of Sheckler anti-spot a pair of minced trucks and a bite sized edited addition of Cheese and Crackers.

Or perhaps just sittin at home nursing a controller while doing your fav flip on Skate 2 and pulling your pud from the oven.

✧✧Whatever your wish, we at Hooked hope all your seasonal desires come true.✧✧

Now if we put a palm tree over in the back ground, sprinkle a bit of sand about, wear hula skirts and carry a beach towel- no one will notice the snow in this pic.

Josh Nicholson ollies 6

Kick flip from Callum.

Spin spin... were it stops nobody knows.

Geer off... if he's landin like that were in trouble...

Holdin up the wall- Josh N, Dave and Callum...wana buy a rat trap cheep!

180 on the cards.

Dave Ford- multi coloured wheels hang like borballs on a Christ tree.

Rad Dad ain't scared of the on coming blizzard...shit shooda bought the sun block.

If this f**er wasn't bolted down Im shore it would run off to warmer clims.

Mr C- 360 in wellies... only kiddin.

BS 180 on the gap for Dave.

Take off the pissin trucks!.. AAAhhh, now were gettin some where!!

Bindings optional.

My I suggest butt padded troos.

You know were this is goin don't ya!

Callum you there... Callum??

Cheers everyone.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Blueprint at The Berrics

Hot off the press, our friends at Blueprint Skateboards have an upcoming United Nations at The Berrics.

Shier looked impressed on the teaser

And UK Blueprint representatives Danny Brady and Nick Jenson drop a new Text Yoself Beefo you wreck yoself... watch it now.

Don't forget to support our English pals by watching the clip 621 more times than any other clip, and check out Nick Jensen's interview with Hooked from earlier this year.

Nice one boys

Monday, 21 December 2009

New Park-Mansfield

Our friends at Maverick Sk8 Park design invited Hooked to their newest creation.
Damn it was cool... so consequently the nipple was fully erect... Ian bones out a melon.

We couldn't believe our luck a window in the weather, as we rolled up to participate in a Maverick promo shoot.

It had been raining throughout the night and with the threat of snow hanging over the venue we thought it was going to be a wash out. As we exited the urban assault vehicle and climbed the brow of Fisher Lane Park hill, the sun cast a crimson ribbon of light on what looked like a park sent from heaven.

Maverick has really out done themselves this time- with what was an originally a state side idea of having multi coloured crete( in this instance natural, red and black) to add an almost gastronomic slant to this small but yummy structure!

With a herb garden in the middle of the park(grow what you will kids) and various blocks, taco, nipple, mini, dining table like granite topped grind slab and some challenging angles, it adds up to a wicked flowing fun filled time for all abilities.

But hey don't take our word for it, go check it!

The Park officially opens tomorrow 22nd Dec. with a ribbon cutting/finger numbing session.

Thanks to Sam Reynolds for this pic.

Thanks to Sam Reynolds for this un... Had to chase the ducks away for the shot!

The park possy on the prowl.

A few expansion cracks have to be filled before the general peeps were allowed to thrash it.

Had a quick piss while no one was lookin... don't think anyone noticed, but couldn't hide the puddle... slam.

Granite grinding table... seconds anyone?

Dave Ford... Rippin in the Mini.

Yep I've tried everything to clean the view finder, Jiff, bleach, emery board, wet an dry!

A monument to the mini goddess!

Ian... On the Drop.

Melons the mini.


360 with ease.

Dave looks on... one foot to fakie.

To blunt or not to blunt that is the fakie... I mean question...

Callum test drives the gap with a flip.(why is the type set bigger for this pic, Blogger fairy havin fun)

Dave's board retired after this.

The Maverick crew Sue and Sam prepare for the video shoot... with the help of the Mansfield Lurkers.

The snow that we expected came... Freezing balls... burrrr.

Rad Dad, endurance test.

Roll up- Maverick takes care of landscaping.

Plaza style shrubbery.

Equipped with the modernist of cons... we enjoyed sweepin the nipple!

Lock, stock and four smokin dogs... huhh?

Rodney Clarke and Ian, serving up the mulled wine.Thankin Sam Reynolds for this shot.

Mansfield Plaza | Maverick Christmas Edit from Maverick Skateparks on Vimeo.

We wanna ride, bring on the Summer!!!