Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Mini Mayhem episode 2: Nottingham pub miniramp

November and December are wet months. Our friends at the Australian bar in Nottingham let us in for an adults only lurkfest in their staff room, complete with about 100 mattresses, an exercise bike, mountain bikes, drums and a bench press. Here's the photographic evidence.

The Construction

The Constructers, Dan and Pato...

Tools owt trade.

The Session
Dave captures some entrails on film

Mark and Greg, waiting their turn

Party time - a disco light hangs over the mini

Dave rocking the...

Rad Dad checking it out

John fainted after Greg's board wafted under his nose at 9 million mph

Motion sickness

Craig repping... the bomber and Fosters

Becca captured the crip footage

A bobble hat never looked so cool

Phil and Kate, the style council

Lurkers look on

Energy drink on the exercise bike... 'This tastes like Stella'

Becca captures Smedder's tréflip crook nosepick


A furry visitor

Boom, and the lights went out

Who's your Raddy.

You've heard of the"Deer Hunter"... well this was more like the "Beer Hunter"... shiiiit I need a pint!

Mark's a mini expert

Smedley kills

Bettinson booms a tré rock fakie

Steez with Jacob

Becca, dreaming of the sun and sand of Miami beach.

Mr Bombastic... Toby on the razz

Staying warm, Kate and Phil.

Dan and Pato... thanks for the memories.

Craig and Fraser, urbanising.

Mark through down some shit... nice!

Josh liking the layout.

Jim B's dog looks(at) board.

John's putting shoes- don't dirty the astro turf!

Good view from the lav.

Josh R- Ok let me try it... supercallafragalisticex... a f*** it Im to trashed.

Keep your eyes peeled for the edit... and thanks to the skaters and lurkers.

◆◆Big up- goes out to Jim B, Pato, Tall Face and Jamie C for the contact. Stoked for the opportunity Dudes◆◆


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