Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Crackers

Hey folks its that time again, the stockings hanging under the hearth, cats in the cradle and the silver moon(think thats how it goes)?

The time when you wonder if your list to Santa will be honored- crip new Death thrash board a set of Abec 40's and a Dv of Tony Hawks basic ramp tricks my fill the void in your overly large wish list.

How about a bottle of Sheckler anti-spot a pair of minced trucks and a bite sized edited addition of Cheese and Crackers.

Or perhaps just sittin at home nursing a controller while doing your fav flip on Skate 2 and pulling your pud from the oven.

✧✧Whatever your wish, we at Hooked hope all your seasonal desires come true.✧✧

Now if we put a palm tree over in the back ground, sprinkle a bit of sand about, wear hula skirts and carry a beach towel- no one will notice the snow in this pic.

Josh Nicholson ollies 6

Kick flip from Callum.

Spin spin... were it stops nobody knows.

Geer off... if he's landin like that were in trouble...

Holdin up the wall- Josh N, Dave and Callum...wana buy a rat trap cheep!

180 on the cards.

Dave Ford- multi coloured wheels hang like borballs on a Christ tree.

Rad Dad ain't scared of the on coming blizzard...shit shooda bought the sun block.

If this f**er wasn't bolted down Im shore it would run off to warmer clims.

Mr C- 360 in wellies... only kiddin.

BS 180 on the gap for Dave.

Take off the pissin trucks!.. AAAhhh, now were gettin some where!!

Bindings optional.

My I suggest butt padded troos.

You know were this is goin don't ya!

Callum you there... Callum??

Cheers everyone.

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