Monday, 31 January 2011

King of the Road

If you've not seen any of the series so far, here's one episode of King of the Road 2010 that you need to see...

- Malto & the 40+ make out
- Tré flip piggyback with someone else's child on the back
- Grind the bar to gap out... epic ender

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Break YO self

We skated a few Derby classics today.

Kearney was working hard again

Big pop 180

Then my amazing quality Speed Demon bearings caved in again

Wheel is hard to get off

Stay well clear of these

Anyway Kearney was working an epic line that went wrong

It all started when the griptape was flapping as the board flipped

Then mine started doing the same

Then we visited Vernon gate and got some footage bagged and tagged

And Kearney smashed himself up some more

Good day, ready for a party tonight!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Footage collection services

We went around a few spots in Derby and elsewhere to get footage for the video. Working hard for it!

Hooked's newest recruit Ryan Kearney warming up on the bars

New board + bearnings, felt so crisp

kearney goes for the crooks

Then we retired under the bridge, Kearney worked hard

Some trick

Then these lame new bearings crumpled, no wonder they were free... we always carry spares

Then we busted it up to Chezzy, we called at North Wingfield but Kearney didn't have his snorkel... it was soaked

At Chesterfield Kearney got busy with the barrier

But some gizzards had been splatting paintballs literally all over the park

Relaxing 5050

We visited a few other street spots, but all were shadows of their former selves... Chez got a skatepark now, they don't need em. Or do they?

Would have been good if not locked up

Grip got paintball staines on, dang

Kearney put words into action in a line

Home Jeeves, and don't spare the horses. Bagged some great footage.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Skating and lurking

Bang tidy saturday session, loads of people there and ace to catch up with the Derby lurkers.
Chevy filmed a few tricks and we got down with the barrier.

Chev gets the chev shots on chev cam

Kearney warms up, boardslide

Brett has balls of steel, nosegrind attempts on soft plastic

Kearney front boards

Blurred Brett

Brett front board... also front lipped and clockwork crooks

What Chev looks like without the lens on his face

We moved a few bricks and made a manny pad...

Fun for all the family. Good spot dudes.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Skatepark Project - Latest Update

On Thursday evening, Derby City Council contacted us all to let us know that there had been a change in cost to build the skatepark in Derby as we'd all seen.

What this meant is that the park we were all hoping was going to cost a total of £266k, that's £66k more than we have!

So, Derby City Council have been talking to Freestyle and they have suggested that we could afford one of these 2 options…

Option 1 - Bowl has been taken away

Option 2 - Main area of skatepark taken away

As you will see, neither of these are close to what we were hoping for or answers the need of all the users.

So, we told the Council how we felt about these options and this is the plan.

Derby City Council have been able to get more time for the funding to be spent (as originally, we had to have it spent by March 2011).

We are going to meet with the Council soon to discuss our options and see what we can make of this situation.

Although, these two options (above) are not what we hoped for, we are going to have to discuss these, so please reply/comment/Facebook/email us with your preference, option 1 or option 2.

Thanks for your continued support and we'll update you when we have more news.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tee for two

Roll up roll up, new proddy in the Hooked Shop, hot off the press.

We've been with our designer friend George Hart (who also has a photo blog) who's designed us a few new tees ready for the warmer weather. Have a look:

'Stacked' tee by George comes in baggy fit so yo size is yo size

'Hole' tee by Dave - comes is loose or slim

'All Day' subtle print by George, comes in loose fit green or slim fit orange

'Regular Stack' by George, comes in slim fit at the moment, email if you are interested in loose fit..

'Hooked Stack' 2 colour, comes in slim fit or loose fit

These tees are awesome and massive thanks to George for helping to add a few extras to the shop! Remember we can order something in if you need.. see a print you like but need it on a hood... Let us know.

Over & out

Monday, 17 January 2011

It's Shark Time

Chris Milner's crafted a piece of solid work... A Derby video featuring loads of epic dudes. Just awesome.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

6 Tricks on the Sabbath: Mandem on mini with Ryan Kearney

Stop. Kearney time.

Don't be afraid, watch the edit... and tip your hat to epic rampbuilder Mark Roe for the usage of the ramp.

Filming a 6

Filming this months 6 Tricks, it's Kearney. Mark's epic ramp is the place and will be epic with what Kearney has in store.

Respect to the ramp is the first order of the day

Then meditation

Then switch blunts

Then it gets badass...

Edit dropping shortly