Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Footage collection services

We went around a few spots in Derby and elsewhere to get footage for the video. Working hard for it!

Hooked's newest recruit Ryan Kearney warming up on the bars

New board + bearnings, felt so crisp

kearney goes for the crooks

Then we retired under the bridge, Kearney worked hard

Some trick

Then these lame new bearings crumpled, no wonder they were free... we always carry spares

Then we busted it up to Chezzy, we called at North Wingfield but Kearney didn't have his snorkel... it was soaked

At Chesterfield Kearney got busy with the barrier

But some gizzards had been splatting paintballs literally all over the park

Relaxing 5050

We visited a few other street spots, but all were shadows of their former selves... Chez got a skatepark now, they don't need em. Or do they?

Would have been good if not locked up

Grip got paintball staines on, dang

Kearney put words into action in a line

Home Jeeves, and don't spare the horses. Bagged some great footage.

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