Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Team up't North... Wakefield & Castleford

It was a bit sunny at the weekend and we needed to get some footage. Deep down - we all knew it wouldn't dry up in time on Saturday, so we headed up North to try a few new flavours.

Took a chance on Wakefield with all the blue sky on the way... it was still cold & wet

Little Ryan Kirk found a dry patch though

Cold Kearney

Scrape yourself in

Josh was having fun

Why is there even still snow up here

A dry hole

Callum got down with the graf

That leather jacket wasn't that warm though

Coping with the cold

Callum backside flip

Josh front smith

Lurk mania

Sun was amazing, Josh shralped the bowl

A study in the dynamics of movement in a sphere

Swizz rock n roll

Looks like a swizzle smith

Dave had a thrash and a spill

Nice trouser for a blunt Callum

Leather jackets & green shoes, fashion collision... blue steel

Gleaming the cube

Small bowl, epic entertainment

Callum backside blunts, epic... then we jumped in the car

To Castlefords warmth and dryness

If you skate this park, you'll know the slippeness takes a bit of getting used to, as Josh found out

The floor is so smooth

Josh stuck some switch rock fakies to warm up

Blunt rehearsals with Josh

Callum boned a few ollies

Josh hovers a kickflip

"If you're not sure about it now, you're gonna hate it when you see it on the video" do overs until perfect

That one was crip

Blue steel finally came out

Yet no one touched this thing

And we all drove back in the dark with a caramel latte. That's just fashion darling


  1. Why travel 'up north' to use our facilities then spray paint your name on it? Stay down your own end if you want to graffiti something. May be Wakefield Council would like to be informed who Callum is and make the little shit pay for it cleaning off.

  2. I agree, whoever Callum is should clean it off. It's not our Hooked representative Callum, we're adults and don't do that, we're literally there to skate. We saw the scrawl and made the joke of the coincidence.
    Looks like it was one of your up north people who did it. We don't scrawl our names on stuff down here either. Cheers