Friday, 21 January 2011

Skatepark Project - Latest Update

On Thursday evening, Derby City Council contacted us all to let us know that there had been a change in cost to build the skatepark in Derby as we'd all seen.

What this meant is that the park we were all hoping was going to cost a total of £266k, that's £66k more than we have!

So, Derby City Council have been talking to Freestyle and they have suggested that we could afford one of these 2 options…

Option 1 - Bowl has been taken away

Option 2 - Main area of skatepark taken away

As you will see, neither of these are close to what we were hoping for or answers the need of all the users.

So, we told the Council how we felt about these options and this is the plan.

Derby City Council have been able to get more time for the funding to be spent (as originally, we had to have it spent by March 2011).

We are going to meet with the Council soon to discuss our options and see what we can make of this situation.

Although, these two options (above) are not what we hoped for, we are going to have to discuss these, so please reply/comment/Facebook/email us with your preference, option 1 or option 2.

Thanks for your continued support and we'll update you when we have more news.

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  1. shame! loose the bowl though Option 1 all day long.