Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ripley Jam

Get down to Ripley skatepark for a jam with loads of prizes and all sorts of battles.

Maybe a best trick on driveway

Or flatbanks

Or quarter and mini

Driveway from the other side

Coping is round, good for gnar tricks.

So come down on Saturday 7th of august, we'll have pros, prizes and proper banging skating.
We'll also be filming to drop an edit for the day so get your tricks on lock.

See you there!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Burnin Up Mexico

Skatings on fire in the this fair Latina community.

Marshmallows anyone?

Fashionably LATE

Friday, 23 July 2010

Gair flies the nest

We know Chris' snooker and pool skills are making waves on the Championship scene - and Chris has decided to part from the Hooked team to push his potting skills even further.

Good luck dude, thanks for all your support. Chris is ranked 1st in Derbyshire under 18 category, and 4th in all of region 3.

You can see the badass skills for yourself in this video of Chris banging some trick shots out.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

It's coming...

We're doing one of these. If you want to come down it would be epic to see you there, there will be prizes for good tricks, comps, games of skate with a bracket setup etc... maybe some big names for a demo.

Keep your ears to the ground.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Roll With Us, 17th July 2010

Our Final Roll With Us event. Postponed 3 times and we finally got it, a year after the first one.
Everyone had got better, and everyone loved the ramps new paint job. Have a look.

Lewis Mottishaw rolled up and ripped

Ryan Kirk checks himself out in the wing mirror

Cheese sandwich

Filling up

Hooked's Phil with the local lurkers

Jimi was back for more

Becca captures evidence for edit

Shane Lee hardflip

Will Begg gets stuck into some full length crooks

Kicker session queue

Shane switch flip, phil films

Michael Hanrahan pops a shove

Awesome to the power of rad

Chilling behind the lines

Ryan Kirk airwalk

So does ryan foulds

Will flips

Kearney laid down some beasts out of the big kicker

Airwalk doubles or what

Mark Rowe shows the ramp skills

Kearney tre flip nose stall

Shane gets the 7D out

Tupac or Biggy?

How a tre flip works

Eden practices for big kicker later

Hardflip to deck snap... watch the video for the evidence

Drop in 5050

Jack catches 3000 heels but kicks them all away

Josh Nicholson booms a massive flip for the team

Ryan foulds, heelflip

Ryan Kearney banging varial heels

Ryan Kirk with the steeze flip

Lewis and Shane both broke the blunt NBD wide open in one session

Lewis front board

Bro fist Josh

It was a long day, this is what it does to people...

Awesome day, thanks to everyone who came. See the edit below and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Post 500

We made a whole 500 posts of documenting lurkings, interviews, sessions, slams and friends.

For our 500th post we thought we'd drop a little round up of all the stuff that's been happening... yes yes not everything is here, but a quick cruise of the older blog posts and a few of these bits stood out... Here's to another 500 posts.

In no particular order, some stuff happened.

Hooked decks

Rad Dad


Friends... Callum


Friends - Mr Tom

6 Tricks

Making friends

Document(ed) demise.. RIP




Zorlac (RIP Blue Dog)

Ben Powell

Kenelly at Slugger (go for it lads)

Lurked at spots old and new


Check some parks

Had some lock ins

Pulled in the big guns, Smedley

Crip wheels

Won some awards

Got some new gear built

Got famous in Sidewalk

Had some cold sessions

And some hot ones

Recruited some lurkers

Sessioned some good old spots

Coloured in some illustrations - courtesy of our friend George Mitchell


Signed bu heroes

Met some of them too

Now with all our new friends on the Derby scene and everywhere else, let's have another 500 posts. Cheers.