Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Hot off the cement mixer... Uttoxeter park

We'd heard about Uttoxeter, and we'd heard mixed reviews... as we're getting a park here in Derby soon we went for a nosy to see what's working and what's not.

This is what we found.

Only the floor is concrete, the ramps are wood and metal

Instantly looks a little... dated

Standard MK style blocks

Driveway with rail... spine... yawn

Other view of spine and hubba

We love hubbas, but this feels like it could be Derby Storm

At least the edges are nice

Roll in...

Well this is a bit different, curved ledge

Surprise surprise, flatbar

BMXer to show the proportion

If I lived in Uttoxeter I'd be happy with it, as it's better than nothing. But I think for Derby's new park we need to fly the flag of innovation and stand out from the crowd of medium sized parks around us. We're a city bang in the middle of England and need to be a tour stop for all skaters everywhere. This park feels like it's 10 years out of date.

Good work to the people who put the work in to get this though, it's still a great achievemtnt and you can never please everyone.

Check it out though if you are in the hood.

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