Monday, 12 July 2010

Road tripping... Uttoxeter

This weekend Hooked lurkers + friends went to Uttoxeter to check the previously reviewed Uttoxeter park. Turns out it's a fun place to be, and no matter what a park initially looks like - until you've skated it with a good bunch of friends, we can't judge it properly.

Have a look.

Got hyped first

Packed the vehicle

And got cracking... George Worthington bs lipper in the mini

Callum manny rehearsal... getting cocky

George nollie big heels on the quarter

Then cameraman gets board in face through lens... I was scared

Chevy ate some fig biscuits

Bs feebles for George

More BS disasters

Heath Kirchart Emericas

Then George was ripping blunts

And learning fs feebles

Then a dog rocked up

So did Aaron Morgan, local lurker and Hooked Kickflip Challenge winner... kickflipped the big one

Repping our t-shirt and Iron Fist cap

Callum gets even more cocky changing tunes while mid nose manual

We got some skating done on all the park... front board

Then our friend James Wharin rocked up and shredded at 100mph... Bs 5050'd the steep rail first go too

Then we discussed skating and got a tan.

Good footage for the Hooked video bagged and tagged.

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