Sunday, 4 July 2010

Come on down, the prize is right

As the challenge is over, winner of the kickflip challenge Aaron Morgan gets his goods delivered. Shows that hard work paid off, and 70 flips bagged the prize.


Some good stuff in there

Decks will see him through summer


Cheers to The House skatepark, go there

Cheers to Rollersnakes and 2Seasons

Cheers to Just SG and Craig Smedley

Cheers to Element

Cheers for the vouchers 2Seasons

Element trucks

And wheels

Again, cheers Craig and Just SG

Also blessings to Iron Fist

Cheers to The Ledge, now Rollersnakes outlet Leicester


Rollersnakes for the Unabomber goodies

And to us at Hooked

Arms aching from the goods.

Look out for the next challenge... fs shoves anyone?

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