Monday, 5 July 2010

Video progress

Our first video progress meeting showed us all what we needed for the film - after seeing all the rough cuts - including the 'friends of Hooked' section, we all had an idea of what to get.

Come out filming with us, we want a beast of a friends section on this video, with every one of the Derby crew having at least one trick on it. So after seeing what we needed, we went out to get it... after a Ronald McDonald - first stop pink bank.

Callum cracks open a product package

Grip it and rip it

Josh swaps his haggard Vans

For some product pack goodness

Might need one of these for the Tough Guy race we're doing

Off to find some shralp

Got to check out the Berrics battles... 12 out of 12 predictions so far wooot

That's why Josh likes filming

Callum Caveman™


Badass filmer

Showing us shove it skills

Josh flip

Callum doing lines

Ollie to flat

Callum caveman

In the zone, shipping off to next spot whilst on a footage trance

Then we chilled at King G... except Callum never chills

Crip crooks

SKATE on the rail... we weren't prepared for Callum's overcrooks

Bifta was this big

Callum manny practice

Then something was worth filming

So with a bag full of footage we drove off into the sun set.
If you have a trick you want to film and have on the Hooked video, feel free to email us and we can organise a session:

Keep your eyes peeled!

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