Sunday, 12 December 2010

Mini Mayhem: Mark's epic shed

So we were cutting some shapes in Marks's epic shed miniramp yesterday. Hooked + friends had a right old time. Boards, beers and bangers were the order of the day.

The moni has been redone. It's now bigger and better, and is making an army of rippers in Derby. If anyone wants a miniramp building, Mark Rowe is your man. This place is sweet.

Doorway to heaven

Set the scene

Rad Dad, Toby, Mark, Josh and Jacob are on the platform

Bouncer "No one leaves until some hammers are filmed"

Frontline Gabs, Ryan Leech, George, Mark and new Hooked rep Kearney

Gabs ollie

Watching the fireworks... that's got to be Kearney on the dancefloor

George back disaster

Bettinson feebs

Kearney 5-0 the extension

Mr Batchelor was shredding before bring the camera out

Josh Price smithing it

Kearney knows this ramp well... airwalk

Toby brings his halo

Kearney air

Back to basics for fordy

Kearney frames Toby's shot of Bettinson

George steeze

Josh Price is just cool in't he

Kearney's tasted blood, look at his eyes

Loving the blinds

The creator himself, Mark Rowe - blunts galore

Jacob matches blunt to blunt

It's alright in here in't it

Kearney overcrooks

Mark's got skills, wait to see the footage

Kearney pivot fakie


Ollie to tailstall for Jacob

Smedders rocked up with a Craig Smedleynosegrind

Halfcab heel nosestalls


Becca filmed and shot pictures

Toby sniggered at his pictures

Smedders boosted air on demand

Boom (with flash)

The quality of the ramp is lovely

Smed air

Becca used the scorpion + baby death lens for crip footage gathering... wait for the edit


It literally turned into the Ryan Kearney & Craig Smedley show

Crip pivot pic

Kickflip front crooks


Blunt 180s

Skid around

Merry Christmas

And that was an epic session. Thanks to all you guys who came and lurked, thanks to Mark for letting us all invade his special shed.

Edit will be up by next Monday... a lot of amazing tricks to clip out.
Play safe lurkers

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