Sunday, 14 June 2009

Featured trick tip: Backside 5-0

This is one of the most stylish of the basic grinds that you can do. Get these down as standard and it's fairly simple to add other tricks - kickflip in or shove out; loads of variations!


The backside 5-0 is so much better than the frontside, and all because the object we're grinding is behind us. Roll up with the obstacle behind you, slightly off parallel. Again, you might want to have your front foot a little further back to get more pop.


Crouch down low for height. As you crouch coil slightly toward

the object to allow you to turn backside slightly as you pop - 

making sure you land on the object you want to grind.


As you pop, turn your body backside (if your struggling, coil up more

to give you more power in the turn) to ensure you land on the obstacle

and are moving parallel to it. Pull up your back foot to allow enough

height to get your back truck on the obstacle.


To land on the obstacle in 5-0 press down with your back foot,

and keep your front foot pulled up. As with the frontside 5-0, 

you can lean back slightly for a faster grind, or lean forward for

 a slower one - just beware of the board shooting out or stopping dead.


As you grind, the tail of your board may be pressed against the obstacle - 

use this to help develop your balance if you need to, but as you get more

comfortable you can treat them like a manual - only the back truck touches

the obstacle. Also bear in mind that 5-0 grinds travel faster than 50-50 grinds as there is less resistance from the trucks.


If your obstacle has a natural end - use that drop off and allow more 

weight over your front truck to level out your board (as above), 

If there is not natural end to the obstacle, turn your body backside

slightly (away from the obstacle) and the board will follow you out

of the grind. This will be tricky so keep practicing. Remember more

speed will allow you grind for longer... happy waxing!

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