Monday, 23 August 2010


Derby Throw Down

Josh Price in flight.

Clear Sky
There musta been some voodoo goin down because at 10.30am the clouds parted, the sun came out, a window in the weather for the Es Game of Sk8 was created.

Thanks to Smedders and Daz who were burning some boards out the back as offerings to the sun gods.

Warm ups

Fraser with a classic Pentax from back in the day...oldie but a good un!

... illin for the start.

Gettin them wheels up to temperature.

Daz taking the names, Ed on the phone.

Craig flip/trippin on the Bull.

Practice over...

Lets the Games Begin
60 to 70 peeps came to skate and cheer.

Dick Fingers and Smedders judging the left field.

Fraser's shovs are the best.

Kelley Dawson, no grass cutting today.
Nick Roberts, Heathen airs.

Ball flips.

Nothing to compère... Dick finger keeps the dudes in line!

Bin Collection.

Danny Daley had the moves.

Matt Redfern v Danny D

Black top designs.

The man got style!
These two battled hard.

Three games left and The Gods changed their mind.
It started to piss, so inside we went!

Crammed in for warehouse wars.

Last game- rock, paper... Rob looks on.

Watch for the falling skaters.

Tom B had to bow out.

Danny D kept up the pace, but just lost out at the very end... we were impressed man.

Winner line up from right to left.
1st Joe Marks
2nd Kelley Dawson
3rd Lewis Reynolds

Rob from Snakes toasts the victors- drinkin coffee from a barrel... Enjoi.

More than just the dudes were burnt out after this sesh!

Smile, Ed and Rad Dad... thrown the grins for the lens.

Thanks to all competitors, clappers, Es and Snakes☋

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