Saturday, 7 August 2010

Storm The Parks: Ripley

So here it is, finally here. Epic day - we had some gnar skaters turn up and mashed up the tricks for our comps... have a look.

Becca puts the flag up

Hello Sailor

Phil on duty

Chad gansters rolled up

Ryan Kearney doesn't mess about with a boardslide

Ripley squad are berzerk... Becca makes friends

So we kicked of the best trick on the flat bank comp

Becca filmed... can't wait to see the edit

Got blasted by the megaphone commentary

Callum Moore was badass on it... fs flips, hardflips... the works

But Josh Nicholson bagged the prize with a tre flip body varial

Then the photographer from the Telegraph came down... Becca helped with the light meter

She shot a picture of Mr Nicholson, smith stalling

Then Becca commanded the fleet for some skate battles

Boom... Lewis Mottershaw impresses flat eric

Josh grips and rips

The secret to STEEZ

Lurk cam catches all... flat eric lurking low

Lurking for footage (camera out of shot)

Bust or bail

Lewis flips from the driveway

Avit timer... scrambling up the bank to get in the shot

Then the mini comp kicked off

Kearney killed it

So did Alfreton shredder Danny Daley

Kearney claimed first prize, and Danny Daley nailed a second

Then Kearney got up to his old tricks...

Line up for a battle

Then Craig Smedley rocked up with Heathen's Nick Roberts and Daz...

We kicked of the best trick on the driveway comp with celebrity judges Craig Smedley and Daz on the megaphone

Detail shot of Will Begg with crooks on lock for the comp

Lewis Mottershaw threw varial heels

Beggy crooks along and down

Josh N looks down the barrel of a loaded gun

Local lurker jack bangs a tre off this

Kearney took some legendary slams... hold tight till the footage drops

Lewis took second place

Will Begg nailed the gold medal in the best trick on the driveway comp

Some people sat and discussed things

While we had the giant game of skate, it battered it down with rain... badly.
Wet trousers were the order of the day. We dumped the gear in the cars and headed for dry ground.

Proof it was wet

Danny Daily with his prize tee...

Witness the wetness

Right, do one

So we headed to Belper on the way home, checked the park out

Callum's deck was like weetabix after the rain

So he skated it creatively... and we all went home.

Fail much? Yo spelled it wrong mate. Fail.

The game of skate will be continued... the people who made round two, you will be contacted for a Ripley session very soon where we finish the battle!

Cheers to everyone who came down and everyone who helped out. Epic day.

Question is, where's the next Storm The Parks going to be?
Hold tight for an edit of the day.


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  1. 'Boom' indeed!
    Nice bit of blogging there, and some good pictures. When can we see the edit?
    Btw... I can't get enough of the Becca-in-wet-t-shirt pictures, more soon? :)
    'Flat' Eric. x