Monday, 4 January 2010

New Skate Park in the Hood

Slack Lane Skate Park, Derby

Drop your smut for a sec and listen- you would think after all the talk about putting up Sk8 Parks that people won't use because there not suited to a Skater or Bmxers needs, like not having the right flow or summit- would have sunk in by now!

Well apparently someone at this City Council wasn't paying attention.

Alrite its only a suburb of Derby but come on guys if your going to spend tax payers money, spend it on something that will attract usage.

It looks like some desk jock has picked up an issue of Lego monthly and said I'll have this, this and this and my decision is based on the fact that skateparks are the in thing to have right now...aren't they?

And to cap it off- they shuved it were the sun don't shine!
So it is defo not a winter venue unless they pull down the B&Q building that's hogging all the rays.

Its another place to skate.

They used concrete.

Ummm... bout it really?

(Don't be confused, its snow on them there ramps)
5 footish to 3 footish mini. On other side- 3ft flat bank to 5 foot f b.

Mega dwarf block- 6 incher... in this case small ain't good.

Rail without 90° edge... gotta kick that friggin habit!

5 foot flat bank.

Perfect for a hip plant... surgery anyone?

Health and Safety- they haven't filled in the lifting holes that are in the transitions of all the ramps. Throw me four blue Lego bricks and a red one please.

Or the joint cracks in all the ramps... pass me a dozen of the yellow un's, we'll sort it in no time.

Don't you just love the sound when they click together.

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The park entrance is opposite Hawke Street on Slack Lane that joins Cheviot Street- the Skate Park is in the bottom left corner of this map... put on your hunting britches and take a hike.

Feed the needy... But listen to what their hungry for!!!!

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