Sunday, 29 June 2008

A day at southbank

Southbank is an awesome spot. Unlike most spots it's visually interesting as well as architecturally inspiring. Some of the regulars turned up, including some people you might know like Jin Shimizu from Landscape

Nice backdrop for the session

This place is as good as a tourist attraction with all the people stopping and staring us. A bunch of dudes even came over for a roll around on our boards. 

Shooting shots

Bling: silver graf

Smooth floor

Amazing block

Is there anywhere left to write? no.

These banks have had so much stuff done on them. They are steeper than they look in the videos too.

A nice seven set at each side to finish off your lines. Live the dream.

Check out the London locals in their Hold Tight videos - vol 9 here, check out the guys.

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