Sunday, 29 March 2009

Floodit: the screen print workshop night

So a night of screen printing with some rad bands and tonnes of rad illustrators and designers, should be a blast... it bloody was. Organised by the good gents at Waste, we all got wet and messy. Awesome atmosphere, selling prints hot of the press, bands playing... see for yourself.

Screen printing workstations

Getting busy already

Waste stickers

Norm from Wast helps the kids get started

Becca sorts us out with some tape

Dave's screen being flooded with red ink

Doing a sweet print

People were mad for prints hot off the press

Becca pins up Dave's prints

Dave + Dan from Waste

Get mental

Lurkers everywhere

Dave + some prints he did

2 colour print

Lurkers stalking the crip work

No shit, this was an amazing night if you like art / illustration / bands / lurking / drinking
We'll keep you posted when the next one occurs so you can get with the lurkfest.

Cheers everyone who organised it

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