Monday, 30 March 2009

"Getting Your Bearings"... Hooked Team

View with Ripper and All Round Cool Guy Chris Gair

Rite Dude, its gona be like pullin teeth this interview, a relief when its all done, so grit um...

Hooked: Where are you from?

Born in Leicester but soon moved to Leeds with most of my family, and I would say Im a Yorkshire lad.

Hooked: How would you describe your skating?

A bundle of mediocrity.

Hooked: Who would you say has a great style in skateboarding today?

David Gravette.

Hooked: What tricks are you learning at the moment?

Backside 360s.

Hooked: What inspired you to start skating?

Playing Tony Hawk and I went outside and found an old battered Asda board. I asked my dad to take me to Alvaston Skate Park and I was riding down the banks and I never stopped from then on.

Hooked: What's the sort of music you like to skate to?

I don't really skate to music but if I had to it would be Joy Division.

Hooked: What trick do you think you should have by now but don't?

Frontside flips.

Hooked: What trick do you have in your bag that will shut someone down at a game of SKATE?

Pop shove late flip.

Hooked: What's your fav stuff to skate?

Mini ramp, because you can be inventive and it flows really well.

Hooked: If you had a choice between a cap, beanie or cherry flavored Chapstick which would it be?

Cherry flavored Chapstick all the way!

Hooked: Got any ideas for your next 6 trick on the Sabbath feature?

Not at all, ha ha I'll just wait and see.

Hooked: What do you hope to get in your next Hooked product pack?

Some Bones Reds.

Hooked: 360 XBOX or PS3?( they won't be in your next prody pack, sorry)

Ha, PS3 because the XBOX 360 always break

Hooked: Geezzzz them wisdoms are the worst aren't they...
Thanks for the view Dude, keep brushin!

I'll stand still, go around go around, one day it will be worth while...

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