Thursday, 2 April 2009

"Getting Your Bearings"... Hooked Team

Calm, Cool, Collected but with Loud Brash Tricks,
Miles Clark-Wallace

Hey Dude, this things gonna be like tuckin into the hottest of hot wicked chills ever.
You may feel a bit of discomfort in the beginning but pretty soon you just go numb...
Let the battle commence!

Hooked: Where are you from?

The big B, Bakewell.

Hooked; How do you describe your skating?


Hooked: Who would you say has a sonic style in skateboarding today?

Not shore who my favorite is but Cody McEntire is amazing.

Hooked: What tricks are you learning at the Mow?

Switch Boneless.

Hooked: What inspired you to take up skating?

Tony Hawks Underground for GameBoy Advance Sp.

Hooked: What sort of  tunes do you like to skate to?

Dub Step.

Hooked: What trick are you bustin your balls to get down?

Switch Flips.

Hooked: What trick do you have in your back pocket that will win you a game of SKATE?

Half cab dubs

Hooked: What's your absolute fav stuff to skate?

Blocks or hips.

Hooked: 360 or PS3?

I'd rather have a PS1 or Nintendo 63, but XBOX out of those two.

Hooked: Got any ideas for your next 6 trick feature?

Dunno, maybe some grinds if your lucky.

Hooked; What do you want in your next Hooked prody pack(apart from new shoes, ha ha)?


Hooked: Cap, Beanie or cherry flavored Chapstick?

Beanie Baby.

Hooked: Cheers Dude...
It was as mild as apple pie and health for ya... Nice one

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