Friday, 10 April 2009

Spray..."Between the Lines"

Phlegm Bombs a Wall @ Devo

A quick call to Phlegm for a skate, got him stoked on doing a graff at Devonshire Green, Sheffield just so we could watch. 
For loads of years Devo's been virgin territory for this Dude, but just recently he finished a master piece at the rear of "Rare and Racy" a shop that sells graffiti prints and originals(Devo Street/Division Street), see pics below.

Startin out... cover the over tagging!

Base coat cream and aubergine over.

Eye eye...stop it!

Finish prody... you like?

We were blessed with the weather, and within an hour the sprayn was complete and we were back to practicing the 360s.

Mural behind "Rare an Racy", loads of detail and its big.
Take the time, have a butchers... you'll be glad ya did.

Shit turned to gold!

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