Friday, 3 April 2009

Park Review

What! Hyde Park London-No-LEEDS

With 4 cars full of a of Pro or two, Hooked Team and Crew members and a gorgeous spring day ahead, who could ask for a better time to have a skate at Wakefield(look out for future feature) and Leeds outdoor parks.

We set out early Sunday morning to Wakefield, but because of the Park being new,(it was like flies being draw to fresh shit) it was so darn busy we stayed for an hour or two and after getting feed up with dodgin two wheels and ankle chipping pegs we unanimously decided to move onto Hyde Park(what friggin London, no friggin Leeds).

Pulling up in the small car park and looking over to towards the park it was slightly disconcerting to see masses of people. Luckily on closer examination those people were actually sitting on the grass surrounding the park, phew.

Leeds is highly recommended with minis, driveway, and three sweet blocks, so be prepared for a fun fest on a sunny day.

The D-way being used to it fullest potential, amazin!
Local talent Joe Lynskey nollie flips it.

Miles and Gaz thoroughly trashing the rail.

Chris and Will, a chip off the old...

Joe Lynskey was shredding there.

Thanks Leeds, keep your blocks fresh, we'll be back Stella.

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