Saturday, 4 April 2009

Up North Trip

Our monthly filming trip took us North with the team to check out some new concrete at Wakefield then on for an ice cream to Hyde Park, Leeds.

4 cars crammed in Craig Smedley, Miles Clark-Wallace, Chris Gair, Jonesy, Will Golding, Dave Ford, Rad Dad, Phil Stevenson, Kate Roelich, Matt Wilnought, Adam, Ryan and Becca.

Wakey skatepark here we come...

Arrived just after 11am and by the looks of it, so did the rest of Yorkshire!

New set up took a pasting

Chris - Front 5-0

Craig warms up with a nose manny

Craig - Switch flip

Smedders also switch fs flip the hip

Jonesy - Blunt Fakie

Miles rock and rolls the crater

Miles got a blunt flip out on this tranny

rock, paper scissors...

A set of SKATE shadows

The boys roll one while watching the game of skate

Will Golding ripped all day

So, by 2pm the dodging of bikes took it's toll and Hyde Park was set up on the Tom Tom.

Hyde park was at it's best, the sun was out and the tricks were big.

Craig rolls in with his Sunday roast

Rad Dad was psyched

These blocks were entertainment for all

Miles trés are massive

Hardflip practice

Crip line

Chris winds down with an ice cream 

Check the crip edit

So, within 40 miles of each other are 2 wicked parks, both in West Yorkshire. Probably avoid Wakey when there's likely to be a million kids there on their oversized bikes i.e. weekends. Leeds is rad anytime though, with locals like Joe Lynskey you're in for a treat.

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