Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nottingham massive

We went over to Nottingham for a bit of filming for the Hooked video dropping this Autumn. Not only did we catch up with the Notts crew, but also a bunch of the Derby lurkers too. Have a look.

Back alley dealings, Josh + Will + Council worker

Leech gets familiar

Harry Potter was there

jacob Bettinson, Hardflip

Chev gets the cam out

Josh Price, Varial heel - Becca films

Telephone steez

Dylan smashed a kickflip early on

Jacky Sicky smashed tonnes of tricks down em

Then it started raining so we hid

Under trees

Board got we but it didn't matter as it got snapped on a bs flip

Lurkers gonna lurk


So we ran for cover indoors

Gandelf was out on his bike

Then we headed back to Derby... at least we got a bag full of footage

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