Friday, 19 August 2011

Smash yo self: Leicester + Loughborough

We zipped over to Leicester and Loughborough for a few tricks for the video we're putting together. For the first time in ages all of the Hooked team were together.

Kearney, Callum + Jacob check out the Polly drop

Kearn-dog is feeling it

Motivating the lurkers

Unless it's a fashion shoot

Double eagles

Kearney nollies the gap

Preparing for more

A few crazy fashionistas lurked these roads... and we're not on about the hat


Bettinson limbers up

We headed back to Loughborough park for a warm down... we'd already filmed a crisp edit, but then in the afternoon it rained...

And it was too wet so we went back to Derby for a session.

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