Monday, 3 September 2007

Independent demo at the Blue Dog Mini Ramp

Some amazing skating happened

Ben Cundall from Death Skateboards

Danny was excited


Dave, Moggins & Harry

Our Hooked t-shirt signed by all the pros including Ben Grove, Franklin Stephens, Craig Smedly, Ian Rees, Danny & Ronny Calow + LOADS MORE

The Independent Trucks demo was awesome. Loads of sick skating went down along with a bit of partying. Among the skaters that shredded the ramp & hung out were Danny & Ronny Calow, Paul Silvester, Ben Grove, Moggins, Ben Cundall, Rob Smith, Craig Smedley, Div Adams, Nick Zorlac + all the usual suspects at the ramp.

Some of the standout tricks were Craig Smedley's frontside flip disaster transfer, Harry's kickflip 5-0 + a lot of blunt fakies and frontside smiths.

The skating was cut short slightly at 11:30 when it rained everyone inside. If you missed it, make sure you look out for the next event on myspace bulletins or the Hooked website.

Can't wait for the next one.

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