Sunday, 7 October 2007

Hooked, are you ready?

Hey kids, it's that time again, Hooked is about to start the sessions, the After School Club, coming onto the scene on the 11th October 07 and Ramp Thrash Saturdays on the 3rd November 07. Were starting the PE lessons early next year and some special events and stuff in the near future, so keep glued to the site.
The Hooked committee did an excellent job in getting more funding (alot of hard work on Dave and Beccas part) for the 2007/8 year. We intend to spend some of the money on new ramps and other bits and bobs. We also plan to move into the film making side of extreme sports a little more and plan to put another movie together in the new year. This means getting you kids more involved with the movie making side of the skate industry, should be fun.
Don't forget we always need help with updating the website so don't be shy in sending in photos, write ups and events, that we can use. Its easy, just email dave at
As you can see its an exciting time for Hooked..word up..Rad dad

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