Monday, 29 December 2008

Spot Sights

Exploring Sheffield's Arty Underbelly...or summut like that!

After having a good skate we usually try to have a wonder, looking around a city not only for new spots but also some interesting Graffs and other things that we can photo.
And Sheffield didn't let us down.

A cool mural by Kid Acne, situated on Brown Street in a car park near the Site Gallery and beside BBC Radio Sheffield.

This wicked piece was at a pub called the Rutland Arms, again on Brown Street. We were informed by Rob the Landlord that this graffiti
was by someone called Clegg, but with a bit more research it turns out its Phlegm, and was commision by the pub in the summer 08, the colours are so vibrant, well worth a close look.
And its also lit green at night, so ya can't miss it!

This stuff is best seen in the flesh so to speak, another detailed mural by Phlegm.
Situated at the traffic lights at Shales Moor and West Bar junction. Get out there and take a look!

This guy you could easily mistake for Banksy, these bits found near Devenshire Green were done by a dude named Moses.

Other Bits of the belly...

Get SoCiAL=ShaRe a Red buLL

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