Friday, 5 November 2010

USA Tripping: Part 3

The final leg of the USA tour. We packed our bags and flew to LA - where we picked up our car. You need a car in Los Angeles, it's so big.

The view from the hotel was immense, the streets are buzzing with traffic but strangely empty. Everyone drives everywhere in LA.

So we got our car, and started scouting for spots, parks and sights

The stars in Hollywood - surely not the same Spike Jones who was behind Fully Flared, Where The Wild Things Are and the Sabotage video?

We found a few other gems too

Driving round the badass streets at night

Then we hooked up with Brian Sumner and the crew... the van was at HQ

Brian tipped us off on a skatepark nearby, interesting little mini bowl

Small but interesting

Stoked for a skate

Basic rails and hubbas

Straight for the rails

warm up

Front boards

This mini bowl is good for learning anything

The stairs were big but the rail and hubba was too small for it

This little quarter was super interesting, a little gap to the coping

So we called Brian back after a bit of skating

Brain hooked us up with a new friend Danny who gave us a tour of Huntington Beach, including all the skate and celebrity history we could ever need... then he called Christian Hosoi and told him about Hooked and the Derby skatepark project... he was going to meet us later

So we went for mexican with Sumner, Hosoi, Danny and their families

Brian's Daughter Eden took a few snaps on Becca's iPhone, and Christian Hosoi finished Becca's burrito

The next day it was raining, so we documented some skateparks

They are fenced off and have a proper warden

Everything was huge, but wet - so the wardens didn't even come to open them up

Looked goof though

So we went to a different park that was also soaked, but had amazing tranny

Real pool with tiles

All kinds of quarters

Awesome banks

Rails, step ups


Get this though - your not allowed on unless the warden opens it up

Box into bank

And the first sighting of Terry Kennedy's new tv show... what has happened to skateboarding

Back to the important stuff, taco

Epic snake

This park had significantly more transition than the last... the interesting thing is, there are tonnes of parks all 15 minutes drive from each other

Enough of the rain, we decided it was time to drive to Vegas

Ancient relics on the road


More lights

Vegas is like the city of lights, artificial lights

As you can imagine, there's not loads of well know skate spots in the centre of Vegas... so we lurked, saw Hoover Dam and flew back. Trip over, now back to skate trips and filming for the Hooked video.


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