Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hooked + Kearney + Bettinson + Thomson + Begg

Hooked + friends buzzed over to chesterfield to hit some old street spots. To be fair there are loads, some good, some too old and haggerd... Me, Kearney, Jacob Bettinson, Will Begg and Chevy Thompson were the lurkers for the job.

We checked out the warm up stairs

Will front shoved as a warm up, Kearney 360 flipped them first go, Jacob hardflipped them first go

We called at Council Tax office, where everyone got a trick

We zipped over to the Tesco marble, where Chev was like a wildlife filmer

Kearney was chilling

Jacob nailed a banger

The squad + JF

Chev packs up gear

Polish that lens

Then we went to the Halfords spot with banks and bars

Everyone was pretty tired by this time

Will nosestalled it

Red hot day, footage captured, everyone smashed it

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