Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Working hard in Worksop

We were filming for the other day in Sheff and on the way back we called at the fairly new park in Worksop. Here are some thoughts, and pictures of what went down.

Kearney was blunting things... this quarter was just right

Callum backside ollied it

Worksop has this special triangle block, very different

A eurogap and hubba, and the hubba is bigger than average, so is the hubba

Josh backside 180 up the euro

Some flatbanks to quarter - use that to roll up to the euro gap

Good size hip, Callum tré flips it

Worksop has a really interesting rooftop grind box / manny pad

We we're excited

But the place was riddled with kids who were constantly in the way... Kearney was patient

Then smashed some backside disasters

Callum's shoes were slick

We front 5-0ed the hubba, then left.

Look out for the portaloo with a surprise in it if you go, get there here:

And check the edit from the opening jam here:

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