Monday, 14 May 2012

Yo Gimme Dat: Online!

The Hooked video will be on our YouTube channel from June, in full. We'll also be releasing the individual parts if you don't time for the full video.

If you've not seen it, check the trailer!


  1. not seen it yet so looking forward 2 this

  2. why did rollersnakes never sell it.its become impossible to sell or make any money on videos now.even though owning an original and watching it on your own tv is better than pixelated the film makers like joe gavin.manchester puts out alot of indy stuff and its sells well.shame derby could not be the same.with skate shops in town and more skaters.

    1. Where you been dude it was selling in snakes until it sold out! There was an epic premier, but now it's good that it's for everyone to see... Still better to have DVD though!