Monday, 7 July 2008

"Derby Spots Review, Classics"

A mini ramp at a pub - that's right, could be the only one in the country and we have it right here in Derby.
Larger than life, the Blue Dog Pub stands as a testament to those who dare to do something different. Many a skater, bmxer have purchased a pint at the bar and slipped out the back for a quickie. Teams like Death, Antiz and Independent to name just a few have used the pub as a midway refreshment stop on the journey to getting that sometimes allusive shot or footage. And occasionally they managed to do just that on the mini, throwing down to an impressed, omni-present audience.

Ben Powell pointing an accusing finger at Rad Dad

Sidewalk magazines Ben Powell, when asked about the Pub comments,
"Mini ramp skating and public houses-two of Britains greatest institutions. The Blue Dog in Derby is one of a kind, literally. My brain wishes that there were more places like it, whereas my liver disagrees.
Thumbs up for the Chien Bleu"

Craig Smedley is a regular.

Craig Smedley, pro skater says "The smaller ramp was better, cause if you were drunk, you didn't have far to fall if you got it wrong. However, the ramp as it is now is wicked for the Pro tours. Definitly attracts more ramp riders."

Nick Zorlac of Death Skateboards, chewin the fat with one of the Hooked crew Dave Ford

Tom Ball getting into the Spirit!

Make mine a triple!

The locals don't bat an eye lid as flip tricks, blunts, shoves and spills reverberate through the balmy evening air. When asked what they think, the usual statement is, "Well its all part of the entertainment in't it!"
Only over 18s need apply!

..Pure Classic..

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