Sunday, 6 July 2008

"Get Your Bearings"

An interview with Mark Hudson
Proprietor of the Blue Dog Pub,
Saddlergate, Derby

Hooked: Hey Dude, nice to see you, just a few questions for ya, don't worry its gonna be painless!

Hooked: How long have you been running the Dog?

About 8 years now.

Hooked: Who or what inspired you to have a mini ramp in the garden out the back?

24 had the idea, and they sponsored it.
They then had an Idea to put a mini in the building we had in the car park, that was a success for a while, a nice rainy day venue, but unfortunately it got burnt down a few months later.
The original ramp in the back was smaller than the present size, this one has been in use for a couple of years now and everyone seems to like it better.

Hooked: Who sponsors the ramp now?

No one, we bought in the ply for this year. There is numerous people that help out, a special thanks goes out to Jay for all his time and the use of his tool, also to the usual guys that give us a hand every year, big up to them, thanks. Oh yeh, finally to my missus Laura for putting up with my drunkness every time we rebuild, or have an event... cheers love.

Hooked: Wicked.. Which skate jam has been the most memorable for you?

Danny and Ronnie Callows birthday bash, I kept finding stiletto holes in the furniture weeks later, ha ha..

Hooked: Thanks for the view Mark its been good, just one more question I've been meaning to ask like forever. Do you skate yourself?

No, I used to do a bit many years ago, but it was just riding around, these days Im happy to watch with a pint in hand!

Hooked: Keep up the good work dude...peace

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