Sunday, 7 February 2010

The House Sleepover

The Renegades...

We were invited for a midnight mash up at The House. Phlegm for an illustration-tastic night of filming and painting. The Hooked team were killing it on the dance floor as the party raged on into the early hours and Phlegm dropped a mega-mural for us to film a time lapse video of.

Documentation follows:

Miles blunts the rail first go while Dave drops a ball on the filming... Miles did it again 3 more times like a blunt machine

Miles rides the rainbow

Becca capturing evidence like Columbo

Miles '30mph pose' for Becca

Josh was blessed by an angel

Rock hard

Nice pose Miles

Likin' the hat Callum!


Jonesy does the robot for Callum

Phlegm gets cracking

Tools of the trade

Rad Dad busts a move for the film

Miles, Jonesy and Josh rolling with us

Backside recovery position

Callum rides too fast

Crip techno manny

Rad Dad makes friends with the new House resident

You know how you can make a pencil bend- a can uses the same theory.

A pic without Dad hoggin the shot...

Boddies makes a good varnish... not!!

✺Big up to Phlegm+Rob✺

Don't let someone turn you into no one... stand up!

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