Monday, 1 February 2010

New Graff Shop for Saddlergate Derby

Cherry Bomb so Sweet.

Boo at the Gallery.

If you missed the opening night on Saturday then here's a catchup!

A wicked little gallery call Skullduggery, with regularly rotating featured artist and a fresh out- look on the graff scene. The brain child of Andy Mold(Rootz) and with support from Boo and loads of other interested local and none local artists and skaters.

This venue proves to be a stimulating inclusion to Saddlergate- an area thats seems to have been devoid of exciting new shops over the last year or so.

Show your support- drop in have a browse-buy if ya can!

Philth board 7.7exy. Hand painted £40.

Rootz... seeing treble again, gotta lay off the strepsils.

Top, Pictografik.

Chastity skull- we'll have two!

Danny Calow showed up- that ain't a Derby park, for shore!

Sophie Powell


Bitter sweet symphony... don't worry its only paint.

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