Sunday, 7 March 2010

Graffiti Rampage

We had a visitor this weekend, George Mitchell - an illustrator and skater.

He's doing some spaced out designs for our ply boxes and they're turning out A class.

With an HB to hand and some snazzy paint pens, the ramps should be up and running with a face lift, the next time they're dragged out to play on.

George... concentrate!!


Paint pen paradise.

Dave chill pillin.

Basic outlining.

Homage to the Hooked God.

Becca amongst the debris.

If blankets could tell stories, this would be a dirty one!

Planning application

George, Dave + Wayne survey the details


George's bag o' tricks - complete with his band's demo tape

Drop that logo

And the party unfolds for day 2

Get them colours filled in

Stone cold blue eyes

Also a slide

Alright we had a roll around on the side

The Hooked crew helped colour the easy bits

George freestyles some berserk eyeballs

Noooooooooo dooon't look at me

Dave gets the biro out to colour in George's work

The fish's eye catches all... timelapse style

Josh and Becca fill the gaps

Riding the blue slug

George draws on the details



Slam on this and slide on a sea of monters

Gleaming the cube



Side view - classic with a contemporary touch

We can't wait to unleash these

Small kicker

Get noshing

Big kicker

Into the void


The word on his lips

Quarter - gimme a bacl disaster on that

Stone cold

A massive thanks to illustrator George Mitchell for the hard graft and great work.

Pleasure doing business with you sir

Get ready to ride these... gonna be a wild summer.

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