Saturday, 27 March 2010

Nottingham park trotting

So what went down in Nottingham today... some butt smashing, tré comping, fiver winning, footage catching, heel bruising lurking - that's what.

We went with team rollers Callum and Josh, and Mr Doughty joined us too.

Discrimination at the petrol station


Sooo, Southglade was first, nice and sunny too. Good news that the crater in the bowl had been stitched up. Could have done with a sweep out though, it was like WIlly Wonka's with all the wrappers down there.

Southglade, catalogue pose fraser admires catalogue bs 5050 from Josh

Slash dat

Callum had the laybacks

Ready for anything position

Fraser flatspots on the wall

Boardslides at the top of the steepest bank


Bowling stance

Callum 5050 from the bank

Eating crisps & frontside pivot

New laces, good as new

Blunt practice

Josh back feebles

One for the fans, this was a make - what's it called, pop out to crail tap or something?

Josh bones some air over skeletor's spine

Tail scraping after some nollie bigs on the wall

Fiddy fiddy transfer

Then it was too busy so we checked out Arnold. It was ace, but all the BMXers must have had the same idea. It's like Capture the flag in that bowl.

Callum got the first lipslide of the day

Josh crooks

Carve the bowl...

To the 360 melon out of it

Haggard ankle leads to filming fraser 360 shove

Squatters rights

Back home to hungry family

Thanks for the Sun, make the most of it - this is England

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