Tuesday, 26 October 2010

USA tripping, part 1

So we went to the USA for 10 days, we took boards cameras and the lot. Ready to capture everything and anything went down. There's so much to do and see there, from old legendary relics of skate spots, to hot off the mixer parks.

We hit SF, LA and Vegas to get a rounded view of what's happening over there, we even made a few new friends.

Here's the photographic evidence.

In with the big players... the view from the SF hotel

Spot mapping, it's a big place, with a lot of legendary people and places

Except most street spots are a bust... the police and laws are mellowing as they are finally realising there are bigger crimes than waxing a ledge

There are epic spots like this littered all over the city

Someone's Urban Assault Vehicle

Classic fire escape

It's big

Recognise this?

It's the classic hubba hideout, it's huge

You may remember hubba hideout by this shot by Mike Blabac, or just watch a video

Meet Arthur, a local hubba hideout lurker

We also checked out modern day EMB

It's all changed, and the areas that used to get thrashed in the 90s videos are have been modified and taken away in 1999

This is it now, blank, and no gonz gap


Loads of other sweet architecture too


Another special spot

Now fully unskatable with wooden tops...

So much amazing stuff has been done on these, just watch any video

Bust city now though

These have inspired skateparks around the world

There were other waxed up little treats too

Then boom, a street named after a Derby ripper

There were much love for the urban assault vehicles we noticed

Big hills to bomb

But SF government have spent a lot of money on stopping us skating the natural architecture of the city...

A lot of the spots have been lost

But there are still amazing spots like the chinatown banks you may recognise

More chopped out ledges, made unskatable

So we drank coffee off them instead...

More USA lurkings coming soon, including pros, parks and plank pushing. Stay tuned

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