Thursday, 28 October 2010

USA Tripping, part 2

Still lurking in SF, we went exploring spots and shops

The locals are wild

Some 90's spots are heavily nobbed

This place over the road from EMB is a regular meetup, and people still skate the flat area

The monument blocks are cut into and ungrindable though

Visual treats through the city

Gnarly shop fronts

So we called in on the guys in FTC skateshop, haight street

Awesome shop,

Super clean and easy to navigate

FTC tees over the years

Original prints from Mike Blabac's exibition and book

More prints and old pro decks... including Jason Lee

Quality goods under the counter

James is a good friend of our friends Louie Slater and Martin Kenelly - even knows about the Chesterfield's crooked spire... small world

Mad Max style local nutters

Then we dropped in Delux

Different vibe to FTC, depends what you like

Lots of decks

Hot Chocolate was playing


More signage


Lots of pro respect and thanks

More signage

Then you might have heard of Real's Keith Hufnagel has a shop

'Huf' isn't just a shop, it's a brand

The shop is small but super nice

All the gear is ace

Huf tee

We bought Reda's book

They hooked us up with free a tee, griptape cutter and other coolstuff

Huf card

Reda's new book

Portraits of everyone... we'll crack it open and take some pictures soon.

Stay tuned for LA and Vegas!


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