Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Blabac: 20 years of crip shots

New book out, you might have seen it: It's a book of the most iconic, influencial and rare shots DC photographer Mike Blabac has taken over his 20 year career so far.

Have a look:

Good sized book

Crip classic

Through to new bits - Dompierre bs noseblunt

Documentation of good times - Rick Howard and Girl crew makeovers


Ryan Gallant warming up for the back lip

Under the dust jacket there's a nice embossed cover

bs noseblunt a yellow cab


Every shot has it's story - and they are all documented in this nice little index

If you like skateboard and photographs, or just American pros - get this. You can view the trailer on the DC site here, or order it from Amazon here.

Get your camera out!

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